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ultra-miniature Atom-based Pico-ITX motherboard mit Atom Z500,510,530

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TVIA  09.Jan.2009 18:02:52

hier kommet eins der ersten

ultra-miniature Atom-based Pico-ITX motherboard mit Intel Atom Z530 or Z510 Processor at 1.6 GHz

Cinnamon Bay SBC is a new breed of Atom Z500 product specifically designed for today's deeply embedded applications. Cinnamon Bay SBC combines the flexibility of COM with the low price and simplicity of traditional SBCs in a next-generation deeply embedded SBC product line. As an Intel "Early Access Customer" for Atom, ADI has created Cinnamon Bay SBC from the ground up to bring a number of significant new capabilities to the market:

* At 72 x 100mm, Cinnamon Bay SBC is the smallest complete Atom SBC
* Like a traditional SBC, basic I/O ports and user connectors are all available on board, allowing standalone use in a wide range of applications
* Like a traditional COM, a highly flexible daughtercard interface allows easy application-specific expansion and customization of network, wireless, video, audio, and other capabilities to transform Cinnamon Bay SBC into a differentiated deeply embedded solution with exceptionally low cost and quick time to market - But unlike COM, Cinnamon Bay SBC only needs add-on boards for specialized applications where there is a true value add, not for basic I/O and power connectors
* First Atom Z500 SBC using ADI's innovative new design and manufacturing techniques that eliminate the need for exotic printed circuit board technologies (blind and buried vias, micro via in pad, etc.) needed by all other Atom Z500 products - The result: ADI alone benefits from up to 75% cost reduction of the most expensive component in the Atom product (the bare printed circuit board itself), making Cinnamon Bay SBC feature-for-feature the lowest priced Atom Z500 SBC on the market by a substantial margin
* First family of Atom SBCs with targeted, market specific feature sets optimized across multiple market segments, to offer the best possible balance between price and functionality/performance
* First Atom SBC offering 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)
* First Atom SBC offering true -40C to +85C extended temperature operation that is crucial to military, outdoor, industrial and other harsh applications
* First Atom Z500 SBC offering DDR2 scalability from 128MB to 2GB via SODIMM (all other Atom Z500 products support only 512MB or 1GB DDR2 sizes, many have fixed DDR2 size) allowing each customer to optimize memory size and cost for their specific application
* First Atom Z500 SBC offering bootable MicroSD + SDIO/MMC, allowing flexible creation of diskless deeply embedded solutions
* True fanless operation
* First Atom SBC backed by ADI's flexible IP

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