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tv-user  08.Jan.2014 11:28:15
An other version ready to download.

If you don't like to wait you can always use git.

0.23 Infobox for connection Error, not only ERRR on display but also the Infobox
Updated EPG filter for Sat.1/Pro7, Rai (13E), TVP (19E) Polish (13E)
channels update.
Dynamic audio selection only if number of audio channels > 1 and not "NAR" (uk mostly)
key - EPG info always start at Now.
Save position when poweroff during playback // Resume on poweron
hide/display schedule with same button (yellow)
Dynamic OSD/Menu language selection
Removed action 'display EPG/Info' from key 'back', use 'blue' for epg/info
Some info while waiting for searchtimer info
Updated the resume function to work with the vdr 2.1.1 (changed to decimal ',')
Added group 4, some Polish channels (NC+ sorting order)
During play '0' jumps to 0:00:00 and now resets posmark index also to 0
Sort the Recordingslist so no double maps are shown
Volume steps are 1, if volume < 5
in EPG/ Guide view you can switch groups with << and >> (Live Update only if 19x3 with pip enabled image)
SmartwebTV getmarks added (no more restfulapi getmarks)

Server: VDR 2.1.6 based on EasyVDR 0.806
4x S2-1600 pci, 1x usb DVB-t
Client 1: Motorola Vip1963
Client 2: Motorola Vip1963
Client 3: Motorola Vip1963