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tv-user  08.Apr.2013 23:03:50
Is it needed to upgrade the client to VDR 2.0?

Or are you happy with the current version?

Personaly I switched to the VIP19xx because that one can do HD.

Greetz Martin
Server: VDR 2.1.6 based on EasyVDR 0.806
4x S2-1600 pci, 1x usb DVB-t
Client 1: Motorola Vip1963
Client 2: Motorola Vip1963
Client 3: Motorola Vip1963
Critter  05.Jul.2013 10:09:36
I have compiled VDR 2.0.2 for VIP1710. Here it is if someone want's to try it..
It does include only binary files + locales + symbols + themes... So you still need some base for those.. Eg. than http://www.easy-vdr.de/~tv-user/vip1710/vdr-Vip1710-0.0.7.tar.gz .
You may need to modify runvdr script etc. also to get it work. Please make backup of your working version first !

I think that lcars and tng themes does not work..

Old link removed
Critter  23.Jul.2013 12:01:54
Happy to release new version... Still only needed binaries etc. Maybe someday I'll make proper release to just unpack and go. :)

Removed old link... Check this out http://www.easy-vdr.de/forum/index.php?topic=15548.0

#      Compiled vdr files for VIP1710
#      VDR 2.0.2 + vdr-2.0.2-vasarajanauloja.patch + vdr-1.7.16-no-setprio.patch
#        + patches which some plugins needs
#      plugins:
#      elvis-2.0.0, femon-2.0.0, pin-0.1.14, remotetimers-1.0.0, streamdev-0.6.0,
#      svdrpservice-1.0.0, ttxtsubs-0.3.0, epgsync-1.0.0, osdteletext-0.9.4, remoteosd-1.0.0,
#      skinsoppalusikka-2.0.1, svdrposd-1.0.0, vip1710-0.1.2, text2skin-1.3.2+git,
#      epgsearch-1.0.1.beta5, neutrinoepg-0.3.4
#      bin    includes vdr binary
#      etc    includes locales, symbols and themes,
#      lib    includes vdr plugins binary
#      usr/lib includes libraries which elvis plugins needs
#      Everything else you have to find from older releases of VDR for VIP1710
#      eg. from: http://www.easy-vdr.de/forum/index.php?topic=14225.0
#      Thanks to Hans-Werner Hilse who made this possible with VIP1710
#      http://hilses.de/vip1710/
#      Special thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg who made new version of vip1710 plugin !
#      Updated for vdr-2.0.0 and therefore implemented some missing features: subtitling, video scaling, truecolor
#      OSD. Also, refactored the code by reindenting and removing dead code.
#      P.S. Even LCARS is working !

Oberlooser  24.Jul.2013 20:49:06
Hi Critter
Kann ich mit der VDR 2.0 Version auch auf einen Server mit EasyVDR Version 1.0.0 stable zugreifen
und wie mounte ich auf die Aufnahmen des Servers. Passwort bei Easyvdr 1.0.0 zweimal : easyvdr
Oder sollte ich die Version 0.0.7 für die VIP Box 1710 nehmen.
Wie mounte ich dort den Server mit den aufnahmen . Live TV geht schon mal bei mir.
fstab gibt es ja nicht , müsste also in die plugrc mit rein.
Aber was schreibe ich dort hinein.
Hoffe Du kannst Deutsch lesen. Englisch kann ich lesen , na ja vllt. 50% ..

greets Helmut

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VDR-Client,s : Media MVP Scart, VIP BOX 1903, 1910 , EasyStream 0.6-18 für WIN 10, Raspberry PI 3 mit OpenElec 7.01 und TotalControl FB Code 0104 Lirc an Tsop 31238
tv-user  24.Jul.2013 22:00:16
Mount can be done from plugrc. Enter the mount line just like you would do on the command line.

Server: VDR 2.1.6 based on EasyVDR 0.806
4x S2-1600 pci, 1x usb DVB-t
Client 1: Motorola Vip1963
Client 2: Motorola Vip1963
Client 3: Motorola Vip1963