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Rene  13.Jul.2011 08:59:14
Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has a booted the vip1710 to use a remote nfs-root instead of the usb-stick? I could not find (or i was looking in the wrong place) any guide on how to do this the proper way..
Rene  15.Jul.2011 17:50:36
I was succesful with booting on an nfs-root. I will update a wiki at some point, and then i'll link it here.
mentox  17.Jul.2011 20:22:12
which type of vip do you have?

i have one with flash and must boot from it
Rene  17.Jul.2011 20:24:13
My box is the flashless version..

I wonder if it's possible to force a flash-version to boot over tftp?
mentox  17.Jul.2011 20:28:16
i think it is now possible..
but how can i try it?
Rene  17.Jul.2011 20:52:16
First you need to create an nfs-exportable directory. You have to name it extract like below
The directory is the IP of your vip-1710
You have then to extract a rootdisk.tar.gz, and put it inside the directory above

Then you need to setup nfs

You also you need to set up a tftp-server where the vip will find the debug-kernel (that you can create yourself by compiling it with this package: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vip15x0-vip17x0.motorola/files/VIP15x0%20and%20VIP17x0/KreaTV%203.3/). You can also download the default debug-kernel from here: http://files.hertell.com/vip1710/kernel-debug.pre

Be sure to either create a symlink named kernel-1710, or then just rename the file to kernel-1710 in the tftp-root.
mentox  17.Jul.2011 23:39:28
out of the box it dosent work :-(

the vip make no tftp request

so i must work with an usb stick
Rene  17.Jul.2011 23:43:03
I wonder if you can change something in proddata?
mentox  17.Jul.2011 23:47:48
i dont know what you mean..

i can change the stuff on the flash .. but it is dangerous

or do you mean that i can enable tftp boot?
Rene  18.Jul.2011 00:21:31
I ordered a bunch of boxes to forum-users in Finland, and i took some extra boxes too. I will check my theory about upgrading the default-kernel i a flash-box to the debug-kernel version. This kernel will boot from a tftp-server.

Now it just depends how quick pollin will ship them to me so that i can test :-)